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11 Tips on Finding High Quality Used RVs Before Buying, Released from

Kirkland RV has the skills and experience it takes to spot a junky, used RV. Having been in business for over a decade, their knowledge and know-how have helped them hone their ability to accept only the best used RVs onto their lot. Their article, released August 20, 2014, advises potential RV buyers on how to spot poor quality RVs before they purchase them.

“Knowing where and what to look for in a used RV is going to help you make the wisest choice—both for your budget, your future RV vacations, and your investment,” they say.

11 Tips on Finding High Quality Used RVs Before Buying, Released from

The article provides 11 tips on key areas to examine when purchasing a used RV. As many would expect, checking the engine tops their list, closely followed by less common advice – such as checking the generator, body, roof, and appliances.

They provide coaching on how to see signs that there are potentials problems with an RV, such as water stains around the windows, or noisy idling when test-driving the vehicle. Furnishings, electrical, slideouts, and more all receive attention in the article, each an important and, possibly, costly repair should something go wrong.

“If your used RV has passed all the points in our checklist, congratulations! It appears that you have found a good quality new (to you) RV. If you’re still looking for a new used RV, come down to our dealership or look through our listings. We have excellent models of every type of RV class available in every price range. Our financing options and excellent RV services ensure that you’ll be happy with your RV choice,” says Kirkland RV.

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