April 25, 2018

Race: Gillespie will face Northam in November

19 June 2017, 02:25 | Opal Carroll

Channeling Trump, Stewart frequently called Gillespie "Establishment Ed".

"Virginia's economy has been suffering for too long". By 3 p.m. almost 14 percent, or 7,681 people, had voted.

Northam said he'd do everything he could to reach out to Perriello backers. Mark Warner, while Sanders and Sen.

"There is one word you will never hear from me, and that's unity", Stewart says. "Now we're talking about a $15 minimum wage, consumer debt, environmental justice", Perriello said to his supporters at the State Theatre in Falls Church.

In the Democratic primary, Northam was endorsed by almost all of the party's elective officials - from the statehouse to the courthouse. "I commend him, and we agreed that we're going to bring all Democrats under the tent starting tonight". Gillespie focused his campaign on taxes, business regulations, and economic growth and hit those themes in his victory speech.

"Corey did prove he's a more formidable candidate than anyone gave him credit for, but that means nothing if he doesn't use it to help Ed win", Nohe said. "We're all in this together", he said.

The biggest surprise was on the Republican side.

The turnout in the Democratic primary far exceeded the last one in 2009, when about 320,000 people voted.

In James City County, voters came out in droves.

The closeness of the Republican race may surprise many analysts, who previously pointed out that Gillespie was generally leading by substantial margins in most polls. Gillespie is facing two challengers for the party nomination. She was anxious that Stewart would doom the GOP's chances in November if he won the nomination.

Many voters said they were inspired to come out because of events in Washington. Stewart's strength reveals a still deeply fractured primary electorate - and shows Trump and support for his agenda still remain popular among the GOP faithful.

"I can't recall any of the issues, I hate to admit", he said.

Four Democrats and two Republican incumbents fended off challengers Tuesday.

The race for governor, especially, has focused almost as much on reaction to events in Washington as to policy concerns within the state.

Morales, Martin help Blue Jays beat White Sox to snap skid
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Democratic legislative candidate Josh King talks about his hopes for winning a Republican-controlled seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in his campaign headquarters in Woodbridge, Virginia, United States, May 8, 2017.

Gillespie polled below both Democratic challenge unanimously in the May polls, earning only 38 percent compared to Northam's 49 percent, and 37 percent compared to Perriello's 50 percent in the latest WaPo poll.

Norfolk resident Andrew Patton was one voter drawn to Stewart, who briefly served as Trump's campaign chairman in Virginia before he was sacked from the post. He served as chair of the Republican National Committee in 2003, and was also a key political advisor to President George W. Bush. He cast himself as an unapologetic liberal and front-line warrior in the resistance to Trump and has been endorsed by Sen.

But Gillespie, apparently trying to conserve resources and cement his frontrunner status, had avoided appearances with his campaign rivals in recent weeks, preferring smaller, more controlled settings. We urge everyone - regardless of party affiliation - to turn out to vote in the elections they deem most important to them, whether it be the statewide races or the local contests.

That's part of what concerns Gillespie supporters in Prince William like Supervisor Marty Nohe, R-Coles. "I think he stands for the values that Virginians want at this point". "That's what's he does".

Perriello campaigned on a promise to make Virginia "a firewall against hate, corruption and President Trump's assault on the Virginia values of decency and progress". Democratic turnout was through the roof with more than 543,000 votes.

Finkel's vote, she said, is "mostly based off what I see on commercials". Northam released a commercial in which he called Trump a "narcissistic maniac".

Polls open at 6 many locations, and will be open until 7 p.m.

Primary night in Virginia was supposed to show a competitive race amongst Democratic - and a blowout amongst Republican - gubernatorial candidates, but voters had a different idea.

The November election is expected to be an early referendum on the president and a preview of what the 2018 midterm elections will look like.

Virginia voters picked their parties' nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and dozens of House of Delegates races Tuesday, plus local contests in some areas.

Vogel defeated fellow state Sen.

Vogel's win in the GOP lieutenant governor's primary was a painful defeat for Reeves, who pummeled Vogel with direct mail attacks during the campaign. Self-funded candidate Gene Rossi was far behind.

Gillespie vows to pursue "timeless conservative principles", including a 10 percent cut in state income tax rates.

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