June 23, 2017

Triumphant Corbyn declares Labour 'a government in waiting'

19 June 2017, 02:57 | Cesar Cruz

Prime Minister Theresa May will resume talks with DUP leader Arlene Foster

Prime Minister Theresa May will resume talks with DUP leader Arlene Foster

72% of young people voted compared to 40% during Brexit, and it is estimated that about 80% of them voted for Labour.

There are many reasons why Theresa May and the Conservative party are suffering. But May's failure to win a majority in last week's election has weakened her position badly and reopened the debate around the Brexit strategy just days before the country opens its divorce talks with Brussels on Monday. The right-wing Conservatives were the party of the middle class and the upper crust, while left-wing Labour was the party of the working stiffs.

Maybe a different sort of Labour leader might have done even better - they would probably have been in a more promising starting position. Reality appeared to be fixed in eternity and neatly aligned with the views of media pundits.

At the London School of Economics I studied under the excellent Dr Margaret Scammell, who has charted the marketing of politics and the importance of political brand in a world where the public's attention is limited.

My view is that the country voted for consensus on June 8.

Establishment politicians have failed to deliver for the ordinary voter. Corbyn's "Left-wing agenda" existed far beyond the limits of this possibility.

"These MPs" private worry is that Labour might be able to gain seats as it did last week, but it is still unable to win an election.

Second, Corbyn's new kind of politics are roomy enough to accommodate a broad political coalition.

Labour's popular manifesto will be scrutinised much more ruthlessly next time round and instead of young Corbyn guns terrorising "Red Tory Scum" on Twitter, reaching out could be a good thing. Labour did reject May's farcical claim that "no deal" was a tolerable outcome, but given that they also pledged to end freedom of movement and to exit the single market, there is little basis for the claim that Labour represented a softer Brexit and that the public has endorsed that vision. As with love, winning or losing seemed secondary to the act of affirming the truth. And Corbyn proved he could do it. And when the status quo becomes unbearable for so many, the only option left for an authentic political campaign is to demand what is deemed impossible by contemporary wisdom. We do not know how serious a threat is posed to the "governing" party by its own high-profile Remain wing, featuring its only extant former prime ministers. He has consistently supported the Irish and Palestinian struggles, and was one of the most outspoken critics of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

'Trooping the Color' in London for Queen's Official Birthday
"In recent months, the country has witnessed a succession of bad tragedies ", she said in a statement according to the Guardian. Many wept openly as candles illuminated the road outside the Latymer Christian Centre, yards from the site of the blaze.

While Britain's economy has shown unexpected resilience since the Brexit vote, there are signs of weakness.

While the United Kingdom is not going to walk away from the region, Caribbean concerns, other than climate change and security, look set to become even less of a priority, as all parts of the British establishment become totally engrossed in Brexit, it implications, and trying to stabilise the economy; knowing that at any moment another election might take place.

It is this consistency that is perhaps the most relevant lesson to politicians in Pakistan.

Britain has less than two years to negotiate the terms of the divorce and the outlines of the future relationship before it is due to leave in late March 2019. The other thing Corbyn did is that he energized apolitical young people. As Labour leader in 2017, he ran his campaign on the same principles as those espoused back in 1984.

Paul Mason: What happened has no parallel in modern British politics since 1945.

"That is our responsibility to the huge numbers who voted for our manifesto last week: a programme to transform Britain for the many that caught the imagination of millions".

And he laughed: "It's odd for a politician to have people chanting their name like that". Aware that farmers are dependent on unskilled labour and fruit pickers, he said migration would only be reduced in tandem with the needs of business before saying that agriculture is "one of our most important manufacturing industries". The Prime Minister is now about as unpopular as Jeremy Corbyn was in November previous year, when he scored -35.

The writer is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge and a lecturer at the Government College University, Lahore.

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