March 19, 2018

Bungie promises to rebalance Destiny 2's loot boxes, raids

13 January 2018, 03:35 | Brandon Parsons

Destiny 2 Future Updates Will “Make Good on Promises,” Bungie States

Destiny 2 Future Updates Will “Make Good on Promises,” Bungie States

In addition to a reworked loot drop system, updates to the Crucible, and an expanded scope to recently added Masterwork items, the developers also included mentions of several changes that affect the quality of life for the game, which many fans have been clamoring to see for quite some time.

It also sounds like Bungie is taking some extra development time on the game's second paid expansion - which could indicate a delay - after lukewarm response to December's Curse of Osiris.

Christopher Barrett, says "We recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never meant to be a substitute for end game content and rewards".

Barrett also explained the team is "shifting the balance of new content" away from Bright Engrams and more toward activity rewards. This will include adding things like Ghosts, Sparrows, and Ships to achievement reward pools. While players were rewarded with Bright Engrams-special Engrams that yield items from the Eververse-these rewards are few and far between, and rarely yield the more high-end items. Barrett also promises more "direct purchase options" and adjustments that will "allow players to get the items they want more often" without relying on the luck of the draw. In this event, players must complete certain milestones in order to get some rewards like a Legendary emote, a new Exotic Sparrow, and a weapon skin. Especially in relation to changes coming to the Eververse.

They've now released a refreshed roadmap of planned changes and improvements to the game, starting by addressing the Eververse microtransactions that many felt had too great an impact on the game.

On the " Ninja Turtles " show, Cena will be playing Baron Draxum who is an original villain exclusive to the show. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will bow later this year.

As expected, Crimson Days is officially returning for Valentine's Day 2018, and will roll out on February 13. Masterwork Armor can be upgraded with Masterwork Cores and Legendary Shards. These include mods featuring Raid-specific perks, an adjustment to make sure Raid items drop with each major encounter.

Strike Scoring is coming to the hard Nightfall Strike and replacing the current time limit mechanic. What's more, you'll receive both a Crimson Engram and Illuminated Engram upon levelling up during the event. Improvements are also coming for Iron Banner and Faction Rallies, end game player pursuits, additional vault space, and changes to Heroic Strikes.

Another update is scheduled for February, and it'll include a number of changes like Strike scoring, a re-work of Mods, improvements to Quickplay in the Crucible, text chat on the PC while in the Tower, reduction of duplicate Exotics, and the ability to see your Fireteam members on the destination map. Masterwork Armor and Masterwork Exotics will probably be the most game-changing ones because they make your weapons and armor stronger.

Work is underway on a full rework of armor and weapon mods.

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